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Austin Geidt`s net worth is not yet confirmed, she is a well-known public figure and the CEO of Uber company.

Currently, she is also suffering as the CEO of Uber. It was rumored that Uber`s total net worth is estimated at $60 billion.

But this is not true. No doubt Austin is serving as a businesswoman, but she did not reveal anything about her net worth. So, we will update her net worth soon in this article. 

Who is Austin Geidt? 

 Austin Geidt is an American businesswoman. She is serving as the CEO of Uber. Uber is a ride-hailing service provider and part of the transit network. The business was established in 2009. Its main office is in San Francisco, California.

Users of the Uber app can order rides from local drivers who are independent contractors and drive their cars. Users can use the app to purchase for their ride, monitor their driver’s appearance in-genuine, and rate both the driver and their overall experience.

Uber now provides a range of services, which include Parameters required such as: 

  • Standard transportation service
  • Uber POOL (shared rides)
  • Uber BLACK (elite ride service)
  • UberEATS (ordering food)

By offering customers a more practical and cost-effective substitute to regular taxi services. The business has now operations in over 700 cities across the world and has upended the taxi industry.

Bio of Austin Geidt 

Austin is a well-known businesswoman. Austin Geidt is also well-known in the ride-sharing sector. She was reared in Palo Alto, California, where she was born in 1988. She graduated with a bachelor’s in international affairs from Stanford University.

As the fourth employee and first intern at Uber. Geidt began her work there in 2010. She held several positions at Uber over the years, including general manager of business activities in Africa, Europe, and the Middle East.

She significantly contributed to the globalization of Uber’s operations and the development of its image. After leaving Uber in 2016, Geidt joined a startup named African Group that catered to the ride-hailing market in Africa.

In 2019, she became the Director of Corporate Development for Aurora, a maker of autonomous vehicle technology. Geidt is regarded as a prominent figure in the ride-sharing sector and a wealthy businesswoman.

She has received recognition as one of Fast Company’s Most Creative People in Business and one of Forbes’ 30 Under 30. She is renowned for her philanthropic work and has contributed to several worthwhile causes, such as the UberGIVING program, which offered-free transportation to those in need.

The Early Life of Austin Geidt

In Palo Alto, California, Austin Geidt was born in 1988. She was raised in Silicon Valley and went to Palo Alto’s Castilleja School, a private all-girls institution.

Geidt went to Stanford University after graduating from high school to seek a degree in international relations. She played senior lacrosse for Stanford while she was a student there.

When Geidt co-founded Tote, a company that offered college students on-demand storage and delivery services. She developed an interest in business and entrepreneurship. This experience gave her the tools she needed to thrive in the tech industry and helped her cultivate a keen sense of entrepreneurship.

Geidt started working for Uber as the first trainee after she earned her degree from Stanford in 2010. She advanced quickly through the ranks and made a major contribution to the international expansion of Uber’s business.

Her early employment with Uber shaped her professional path and provided the basis for her success in the ride-hailing sector.

NameAustin Geidt
ProfessionBusinesswoman, CEO of uber
Place of BirthCalifornia, U.S.A.
Martial StatusMarried

Austin Geidt’s Source of Income 

Austin Geidt’s salary is based on the Head of Corporate Development at Aurora, a self-driving technology firm. It was Austin Geidt’s main source of income. She does not openly disclose any additional income sources.

Geidt has held several positions at Uber in the past, including general manager of business activities in Africa, Europe, and the Middle East. Although her salary and benefits information is private, it is conceivable that she was paid for her work at Uber.

Net Worth$6 BILLION Net Worth is estimated for Uber service which owns by Austin Geidt
Monthly N/A

Austin Geidt Career

Austin Geidt has held a variety of roles in the transportation and technology sectors. She became Uber’s first-ever Director of Global Operations, which is how most people know her.

She is also-work-as a project manager for a small San Francisco real estate development company. Geidt started her work there. Before joining Uber in 2010 as an intern in the early days of the business, she subsequently worked as an analyst at a private equity firm.

She held several positions during her tenure at Uber, including Head of Expansion for the Asia Pacific region and Launcher for the company’s Entry into New Markets.

Geidt received a promotion to the position of Head of Global Operations in 2013. Which she maintained until 2017. She was in charge of managing Uber’s operations in more than 400 cities around the globe-working to make sure that the company’s services were accessible and dependable-for millions of customers worldwide.

Geidt served as an advisor to several startups after departing Uber, including the electric scooter rental business Bird. She became a partner at the venture-capital firm Obvious Ventures in 2020, where she concentrates on funding businesses that are attempting to create a more just and sustainable future.



The car brand is not known, she is the CEO of Uber. 


She has been living in the U.S.A., California.  

Personal Life of Austin Geidt 

A great entrepreneur and businesswoman, Austin do not reveal much about her personal life. With experience at organizations-like Uber and Aframe, Austin Geidt is a well-known figure in the business sector.

While some information about her professional life is public, comparatively little is known about her personal life. According to the information, Austin Geidt was homeschooled for the majority of her childhood and grew up in a household with seven children. She went to the University of Vermont and majored in Spanish and environmental science.

Geidt-relocated to San Francisco after graduating from college to work for Uber. Where she rose to the position of first operations manager. She played a crucial part in the company’s development while she was employed by Uber and assisted the company in entering new markets.

Geidt joined the startup Aframe in 2016 after leaving Uber. Where she worked as the head of staff. Media companies and other groups can manage their video content with the aid of Aframe, a cloud-based video production platform.

There is not much information known about Geidt’s personal life aside from these professional specifics. Her marital status, number of children, and involvement in any hobbies or extracurricular-activities are all unknown to the general population.

Social Media Accounts 

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Frequently Asked Questions Austin Geidt

Here I’ve covered some mostly asked questions about Austin Geidt :

What is the Net Worth of Austin Geidt?

The exact figure of her net worth is not known, we will update her net worth soon in this article. We just know about her professional work yet. She is the CEO of uber, the transport service. The exact-net worth of Uber is estimated at $6 billion. 

Who is Austin Geidt?

Austin Geidt is the CEO of Uber; she is an American businesswoman. 

When Austin Geidt was Born?

She was born in America, California. Her birth year was 1988. 

Where Austin Geidt was Born?

She was born in California-USA. 

What is the Zodiac Sign of Austin Geidt?

The zodiac sign is not known.  

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