Clifton Powell Jr Sasha Obama Net Worth

Clifton Powell Jr is a famous American television actor. He gets famous through his Netflix programs. Many people think that Clifton Powell is dating Sasha Obama. But not sure until the relationship gets publicly revealed. In this post, we will discuss Clifton Powell Jr net worth and his relationship with Sasha Obama.

 The net worth of Powell is estimated at $6 million. Sasha Obama has a net worth of $5 million.

Sasha`s net worth was not publicly confirmed, before his graduation. She is not yet professional. Sasha Obama is the youngest daughter of Obama, the former president of the USA. 

Bio of Clifton Powell Jr Sasha Obama 

Clifton Powell is a famous American public figure. Clifton is an actor, storyteller, and Hollywood sensation. He started his career in stage production and appearing in films. Clifton was born on 23 May 1997. He was born in Washington DC, the capital territory of the US. Clifton Powell is well-known for his remarkable roles in these particular films, such as:

  • Next Friday
  • Ray
  • Dead Presidents

His Netflix series and TV programs are also very famous and lie in Hollywood highlights. 

NameClifton Powell Jr
Date of birthMay 23, 1997
Place of birthWashington, D.C.
GirlfriendSasha Obama

Sasha Obama Bio

As far as Sasha Obama’s biography, she was born on June 10, 2001. She is the younger daughter of Barack Obama, former USA President. He was a former President of the USA. Sasha Obama grew up in the white house. She attended Sidwell Friends School.

She was a role honor student in her school as she is very active in sports and games. Sasha is a very social person, she used to attend social events with her sister. She is interested in entertainment and films. At a public event, she eventually met with Powell. She fell in love with him at first sight.  

NameNatasha Marian Obama
Date of birthJune 10, 2001
Place of birthWashington, DC USA
Occupationdancer, singer, and cheerleader for the Los Angeles Rams of the National Football League
BoyfriendClifton Powell Jr
Height5 ft 4
Weight 52 kg

The Early Life of Clifton Powell Jr Sasha Obama

Clifton Powell Jr and Sasha Obama are two different persons. They both were born in Washington DC. Sasha is the younger daughter of a former president of Obama. Whereas, Clifton Powell Jr belongs to a Christian family.

His family details are not mentioned in his biography. As far as his professional career. He is an active film actor. His first movie was *Next Friday*. Later after, he appeared in a movie called *Friday after Next*. He further was moving towards his career and becomes the highlight of the Hollywood film industry. 

Sasha Obama Early Life 

On the other hand, Sasha Obama attended school and complete his education first. She later played in several football teams, as she is a lead player in her school. So, she used to attend sports. She met with Clifton Powell on all her journey. They fell in love and start dating each other. 

What is the Source of Income of Clifton Powell Jr Sasha Obama?

Clifton Powell Jr and Sasha Obama are public figures. Sasha is the daughter of the former president of America. Sasha is not publicly active in the profession. As of the Forbes report, it is mentioned that Sasha Obama`s net worth is $5 million. So, her income source is not yet confirmed. Whereas Powell Jr is a famous actor. His income source is acting and the entertainment industry.  

Assets of Clifton Powell Jr Sasha Obama


Powell`s car is not yet confirmed, whereas Sasha Obama owns a car. 


The current residence of Clifton Powell is not publicly known.

Sasha Obama resides in Washington D.C., where her family relocated after her father’s presidency.

The Career of Clifton Powell Jr Sasha Obama

Clifton Powell has a long-standing reputation in Hollywood. He stands on a successful career. In the late 1980s, when he first started his acting career. He was cast in movies including: 

  • A Different World
  • Menace II Society
  • Dead Presidents

He was also cast in dramas and TV shows. His appearances on television serials include:

  • Martin
  • Soul Food
  • The Parkers

As an actor, Powell is renowned for his adaptability in the entertainment industry. He has played a variety of roles throughout his career.

Sasha Obama is a student right now and hasn’t pursued a career in public service.

Career Highlights of Clifton Powell Jr Sasha Obama

In the entertainment business, Clifton Powell has had a great career with several noteworthy highlights:

He made an appearance in various films. Some of his notable movies are given below:  

  • Next Friday 
  • Madea’s Family Reunion
  • Why Did I Get Married?
  • Meet the Browns

Sasha Obama has not embarked on a career in public service and is currently attending college.

Personal Life of Clifton Powell Jr Sasha Obama

Clifton Powell Jr. does not reveal his personal life. He likes to keep it private. There is limited information available on his personal life and relationship. Sasha Obama revealed his relationship with Clifton Powell Jr lately at a public event. 

Social Media Accounts of Clifton Powell Jr  

Here are some social media links of the Clifton Powell:

Facebook Not known  
Twitter Not known  
Instagram Not known  

Social Media Accounts of Sasha Obama

Facebook81K Followers
Twitter3,748 Followers  
Instagram12.2K Followers  

Who is Clifton Powell Jr?

Clifton Powell is an American actor, known for his roles in various films and television shows. He is also known as Sasha Obama`s boyfriend.  

What are Some of Clifton Powell Jr Notable Works? 

Some of Clifton Powell’s notable works include “Ray,” “Next Friday,” and “Dead Presidents.”

How did Clifton Powell Jr Start his Acting Career?

Clifton Powell started his acting career in the 1980s and has since appeared in numerous films and television shows.

What is the Height of Clifton Powell Jr?

His height stands at 1.73 m. 

What is the Age of Clifton Powell Jr? 

He is 25 years old. 

Who is the Girlfriend of Clifton Powell Jr? 

Sasha Obama is the girlfriend of Clifton Powell Jr.

What is the Real Name of Sasha Obama? 

Her full name is Natasha Marian Obama. 

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