Love and Pebble Net Worth, Valuation at Shark Tank (2024)

Wanna know Love and Pebble Net Worth ? Love and Pebble is a skincare brand. It offers excellent solutions to resolve all your skin’s issues and restore its softness, smoothness, and beauty. Cryotherapy and skin-friendly facemasks are the foundation of their cutting-edge skincare products. These products are simple to use and perform miracles on your skin.

Love & Pebble has discovered the benefits of ice for skin treatment. Their products balance skin tone, decrease pores and reduce facial redness or puffiness. Love & Pebble’s skincare products are ideal if you desire skin that is instantly radiant without the need for makeup. Their natural, paraben-, alcohol-, and preservative-free products come directly from nature.

Love & Pebble’s founders Lynda Truong and Paul Tran have a net worth of 1 Million USD as of 2022

Love and Pebble’s Net Worth

In Shark Tank, the founder showed off their company’s fantastic sales report. This business generated sales of about $1 million in just nine months. This business quickly found success, and customers praised its products highly. The rough estimation of Love and Pebble’s net worth is $1.5 million.

Founder of the Love and Pebble

Paul and Lynda Truong are the owners of the Love and Pebble Company. They both launched this business in November 2018.

Lynda Truong

The co-founder of this company, Lynda, developed this business concept in 2018.

Paul Truong

The esteemed co-founder and marketing specialist of this business is Paul Truong. Paul has a background in pharmacy and received his doctorate from Mercer University. After finishing his studies, he spent 12 years as a pharmacist for Delta Air Lines.

The initials of the company’s founders, Lynda and Paul, were considered while naming the business. (L stands for Love, and P stands for Pebble).

Company NameLove and Pebble
FounderPaul and Lynda Truong
FoundedNovember 2018
HeadquartersAtlanta, Georgia, United States
WebsiteLove and Pebble
LinkedInLove and Pebble
Instagram22.1K followers
Facebook1.5k followers
TikTok111k followers
AmazonBuy Now

History and Background of Love and Pebble

The Love and Pebble Company was established in November 2018. But its first product, Beauty Pops, wasn’t released until 2021 after two years of research.

Lynda created a DIY recipe using organic fruits because she had an acne problem and couldn’t afford skin care treatments. She used an all-natural remedy on her skin and her acne problems disappeared.

Following this, Lynda and her husband Paul had a discussion, and at this point, the Love and Pebble Company was founded.

At 21, Lynda began her entrepreneurial career with a clothes store. Paul claimed that penguins served as inspiration for the company’s origin tale. Penguins in the wild spend hours looking for the ideal stone. The male penguin brings the pebble and offers it, and they have a lifelong bond if it is accepted.

All You Want to Know About Love and Pebble’s Products

Love and Pebble is a company that specializes in natural beauty. The first product of Love and Pebble is the Beauty Pops. The main ingredients of this natural mask are Musa spp. (banana) powder fruit extract, Maltodextrin, Carica Papaya (papaya) powder fruit extract, Curcuma Longa (turmeric) powder, and organic Aloe Barbadensis (aloe vera) powder.

To make this natural beauty mask, you must add the powder to the Beauty Pops tray. After that, add the water, stir, and then add the stick before putting it in the freezer for four hours. After four hours, you can apply the stick to your face.

Powder, a pops tray, a spoon, and a mixing spatula are all included in one Beauty Pops Kit. The cost of the Beauty Pops Ice Mask Kit is $46.

The tray for Beauty Pops is reusable. Each jar yields 12 to 14 Beauty Pops. These cosmetics are available on Amazon and the business website.

The Shark Tank Pitch of Love and Pebble

Love & Pebble debuted the first Beauty Pops product on Mark 2021. It has lifetime sales of $890,000. In just 4 days in May, about $100,000 was sold. The reason behind this success was the video of Lynda’s mother’s facial transition posted on Tiktok. It received 4 million views.

Paul and Lynda Truong entered Shark Tank and requested $150k for 10% equity from the sharks. Both of them discussed their entrepreneurial journeys and how they founded this business. They mentioned the item is sold for $46 and has a landed cost of $9.20. Therefore, it has an 80% margin. This business is self-funded, as Lynda has sold her property for $100,000.

According to Kevin O’Leary, viral events only occur occasionally. So, have any purchases been made as a result of marketing spending? They used sponsored advertising, and the customer acquisition cost was $7. They were considered out because:

  • Mark Cuban stated it is not a good fit for him.
  • Kevin O’Leary said that this is not a product he would use. 
  • According to Daniel Lubetzky, he is not involved because he lacks knowledge in this area.
  • According to Barbara Corcoran, this business is not for investors.

Love and Pebble After Shark Tank

Shark Tank did not invest in Love and Pebble. But many users on social media praised this company’s presentation as having an excellent product. Most users thought the entrepreneur’s narrative was engaging.

The company’s item gained popularity on Tiktok. On December 31, 2022, this business’s Tiktok account had 2.7 million likes and 110.4k followers. Barbara also expressed her views about this company on Twitter.

On their company’s Instagram account on November 21, 2021, the founder posted many details regarding their time in Shark Tank. After Shark Tank, many women purchased this product, and most women gave it favorable reviews. This company’s product debuted on HSN on June 15, 2022.

Paul spoke at the Fundermade Discovery Show in June 2022 and provided a lot of information about his company. In order to provide feminine personal care, cosmetic, and beauty products for women, the company joined hands with Project Beauty Share in April 2022.

Love and Pebble Shark Tank Update

Despite not receiving the financing, Love and Pebble Company’s shark tank adventure has been joyous. The shark taught the business owner many things that helped him expand his enterprise.

Many people purchased this beauty product after Shark Tank, and each purchaser had good feedback.

Numerous media outlets have written about the business, including Cosmopolitan, Beauty Independent, Today, Beauty Insider, LifeStyle, and many others.

Our Remarks

Love and Pebble is a natural beauty brand. It creates skincare items with various fruit extracts. One of its famous products is the Beauty Pops face mask, prepared with papaya, bananas, turmeric, and aloe vera.

All cosmetics are produced using natural methods so that the skin may recover without suffering adverse side effects.

Before founding this business, Lynda Truong battled acne and created homemade skincare treatments in her kitchen. The results were astounding when she applied the homemade recipes to her pimples.

Love & Pebble’s Valuation

When Linda had the idea to share her recipe, she talked to her husband, Paul Truong. After two years of study, the couple launched Love and Pebble Company in 2021 with a new product called Beauty Pops.

The same year, Lynda and Paul appeared on Shark Tank Season 13 Episode 7 with Love and Pebble after the product launch. They asked the shark for $150,000 for a 10% stake at a $1.5 Million valuation.

What is Love and Pebble?

Love and Pebble is a natural beauty company. It creates skin care products with a variety of superfood components.

What is Love and Pebble Valuation?

Lynda and Paul appeared on Shark Tank Season 13 Episode 7 with Love and Pebble after the product launch. They asked the shark for $150,000 for a 10% stake at a $1.5 Million valuation.

What are Love and Pebble Beauty Pops?

Beauty Pops is one of Love and Pebble’s products. It’s a mask that binds the skin together.

Who is the Founder of Love and Pebble?

Paul and Lynda Truong are the founders of the Love and Pebble Company.

Where is Love and Pebble Located?

Love and Pebble is located in California, United States.

How Much are Love and Pebble Seeking at Shark Tank?

Lynda and Paul appeared on Shark Tank and asked for $150,000 for a 10% stake at a $1.5 Million valuation.

Did They Have a Deal at Shark Tank?

No, they didn’t have a deal at Shark Tank.

How is Love and Pebble Doing?

Love and Pebble is doing very well. This company nearly had sales of $1 million in 2022.

Is Love and Pebble Still in Business?

Yes, Love and Pebble is still in business. Its products are available at Amazon.

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