Don Bohana Net Worth 2023, Salary Prison, Bio

Don Bohana net worth explained? Don Bohana is currently spending his life in prison. His net worth is not known. 

Who is Don Bohana?

Don Bohana was an American businessman. He was remit to prison due to attempt murder. There is no much information is available about his early life. So, other information will be updated soon in this article.

NameDon Bohana
Date of birth1937
Place of birthAmerica
OccupationBusinessman but now in prison

Why Don Bohana was Put in Jail? 

On August 27, 1994, Dee Jackson, who was formerly married to Tito Jackson and was the former sister-in-law of Michael and Janet Jackson, died by drowning in Los Angeles.

While the authorities determined that her death was accidental, the Jackson family disputed this and initiated a public relations campaign to have Dee Dee’s boyfriend, Donald J. Bohana, charged with her murder.

After over two years, they were successful, as Bohana was indicted by the district attorney in 1997. He was eventually found guilty of second-degree murder in 1998 and sentenced to 15 years to life.

What the Political Pressure has Faced by Don Bohana?

Several factors cast doubt on the validity of the case against Donald J. Bohana for the murder of Dee Dee Jackson, including issues of incompetence, political pressure, and reasonable doubt.

For instance, the coroner who conducted the autopsy, Dr. David Posey, was not well-experienced and had financial troubles. During the trial, another prosecutor in Los Angeles was arguing that Posey was incompetent and his testimony should not be trusted.

Additionally, Posey’s house was transferred to a company called “Fielding Electric” and increased in value by $300,000 just as he changed his autopsy finding from “undetermined” to “homicide-assisted drowning,” allowing him to keep his home.

Furthermore, Bohana’s attorney, Harland W. Braun, did not call any expert witnesses to testify that Dee Dee’s death was an accident, not a homicide. This decision may have been influenced by the fact that Bohana was behind in paying his fees to Braun.

Interestingly, after the trial, the Jackson family retained Braun as their attorney. Moreover, the attorney who orchestrated the PR campaign against Bohana, Brian Oxman, has since been disbarred, and the prosecutor on the case, Lori Jones, has been accused of bribery. There are also questions being raised about the tactics and potential corruption at the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office.

Finally, it’s worth noting that Bohana passed a lie detector test administered by an FBI expert with 99% confidence, but this finding was ignored by the prosecutor, who also declined an offer for another test. All of these issues contribute to the reasonable doubts surrounding the case against Bohana for Dee Jackson’s murder.

Social Media Accounts

There is no any information present about his social media accounts and even about his personal and professional life.

FacebookPersonal ID
Twitter48 Followers

What is the Net Worth of Don Bohana? 

The net worth of Don Bohana is not known, and his profession is also not known. He is in prison for 19 years. 

How Old is Don Bohana?

Don Bohana is 85 years old. He is serving his life in prison to remit the murder of Dee Jackson in 1994.  

Who is Donald Bohana?

In the wealthy neighborhood of Ladera Heights in Los Angeles, a late-night swim ended in a fatal enigma. On August 27, 1994, Don Bohana, an 85-year-old entrepreneur, contacted 911 at 3 a.m. to inform him that someone had drowned in his pool.

This information was reported on “Accident, Suicide or Murder,” which airs on Oxygen on Saturdays at 8/7c.

What is the Age of Don Bohana? 

He is 85 years now.

When Don Bohana was Born? 

He was born in 1937.

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