Promethean Board – What is a Promethean Board, Price and Screen share?

Promethean World Ltd is a leading global provider of education technologies, renowned for its innovative digital whiteboards and a suite of other interactive learning products. The company’s mission is to transform the way the world learns and collaborates, leveraging advanced technology to enhance educational outcomes. With a strong presence in classrooms around the world, Promethean continues to drive the evolution of educational environments into dynamic, interactive, and engaging spaces.

What is a Promethean board?

Founded in 1996, Promethean World Ltd has steadily grown into a key player in the education technology sector. The company initially gained prominence with its interactive whiteboards, which quickly became a staple in modern classrooms. Over the years, Promethean expanded its product offerings to include a range of interactive displays, software, and accessories designed to facilitate a more engaging learning experience.

Promethean’s commitment to innovation and education has been a constant driver of its success. The company has focused on integrating cutting-edge technology with pedagogical research to create tools that not only capture students’ attention but also enhance their learning capabilities.

Key Products and Technologies

Promethean’s flagship product is the ActivPanel, an advanced interactive display designed to provide an intuitive and collaborative learning experience. The ActivPanel features high-definition touchscreens, customizable interfaces, and a robust suite of educational software that supports a wide range of teaching styles and curricula.

In addition to interactive displays, Promethean offers the following products and solutions:

  • ActivInspire: A powerful lesson delivery software that enables teachers to create interactive lessons, engage students, and enhance learning outcomes.
  • ClassFlow: A cloud-based lesson delivery software that allows educators to create, share, and deliver interactive lessons and assessments across various devices.
  • ActivSound: A range of audio solutions designed to enhance the clarity and delivery of sound in classrooms, ensuring that all students can hear and engage with the lesson content.

Promethean’s products are designed to integrate seamlessly with existing classroom technologies, making it easier for schools to adopt and implement these advanced tools without significant disruption.

Impact on Education of Promethean board

Promethean’s technologies have had a profound impact on education by transforming traditional teaching methods into interactive and immersive experiences. The use of digital whiteboards and interactive displays has been shown to increase student engagement, motivation, and participation. These tools also facilitate differentiated instruction, allowing teachers to tailor lessons to meet the diverse needs of their students.

Promethean’s commitment to professional development and support ensures that educators are well-equipped to use their products effectively. Through comprehensive training programs and a robust support network, Promethean helps teachers integrate technology into their teaching practices seamlessly.

Global Reach and Market Presence

With a presence in over 100 countries, Promethean has established itself as a global leader in education technology. The company’s products are used in classrooms around the world, from small rural schools to large urban districts. Promethean’s ability to adapt its solutions to different educational contexts and curricula has been a key factor in its global success.

Promethean continues to expand its market presence through strategic partnerships and collaborations with educational institutions, governments, and technology companies. These partnerships help Promethean stay at the forefront of educational innovation and ensure that its products meet the evolving needs of educators and students worldwide.

Future Outlook

As the education sector continues to embrace digital transformation, Promethean is well-positioned to lead the way with its innovative products and solutions. The company is constantly exploring new technologies, such as artificial intelligence and virtual reality, to further enhance the learning experience. Promethean’s ongoing commitment to research and development ensures that it remains at the cutting edge of education technology.

how much is a Promethean board

The cost of a Promethean board varies based on the model, size, and features. Here’s a general breakdown:

  1. Promethean ActivPanel 9 Premium:
    • 75-inch: Priced around $4,248 to $5,299​ (CDW)​​ (Tutors)​.
    • Features: 4K UHD resolution, multi-touch capabilities, and various ports for connectivity.
  2. Promethean ActivPanel LX:
    • 65 to 86 inches: Ranges from $2,000 to $6,200​ (Tutors)​.
    • Features: 4K resolution, 20-point multi-touch, and basic audio functionality.
  3. Promethean ActivPanel Nickel:
    • 65 to 86 inches: Costs between $2,000 and $6,000​ (Tutors)​.
    • Features: 4K resolution, 15-point multi-touch, and Android OS.
  4. Promethean ActivBoard Touch:
    • 78-inch: Available for around $3,299​ (​.
    • Features: Interactive whiteboard with touch capabilities.

Prices can also be affected by additional costs such as installation, mounts, and accessories. Floor stands range from $250 to $1,500, while wall mounts are between $150 and $850. Installation services can add another $100 to $500 depending on complexity​ (Tutors)​.

For more details, you can visit sites like CDW,, and Walmart to compare specific models and their prices for Promethean screen share,


Promethean World Ltd is a pivotal player in the education technology landscape, driving the evolution of classrooms into interactive and engaging learning environments. With a strong focus on innovation, global reach, and a deep commitment to improving educational outcomes, Promethean is set to continue its legacy of transforming education for years to come.

For more information on Promethean’s products and solutions, you can visit their official website or explore detailed market reports on educational technology Promethean boards.

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