Alaina Urquhart Net Worth, Wiki, Bio, Age, Husband (Updated 2024)

Alaina Urquhart net worth?. She is a prominent host of Morbid podcast. Hence, she is well-known American Podcaster.

She used to describe the real time crime stories in her show. Her show is sponsored by Morbid podcast-The true crime stories.

Alaina Urquhart`s net worth is estimated at $1.25 million

Who is Alaina Urquhart?

Alaina Urquhart is an American podcaster. She is a prominent host on the Morbid podcast the true crime stories of the America. Alaina Urquhart used to host the show with her niece. Ashleigh Kelley and Alaina Urquhart hosting the crime story show since 2018.

Bio of Alaina Urquhart

Alaina Urquhart is an American writer. She is also a host of true crime stories. According to her biography, she was born on 28 December, 1985. She was born in America. there is not much information is availableabout his family in her biography.

NameAlaina Urquhart
Date of birth28 December 1985
Height5ft/2 inches tall

The Early Life of Alaina Urquhart

Alaina Urquhart was born in America. No information of her home town and upbringing is available in her biography yet. Soon it will be updated in this article. However, she joined TV podcast late 2018 with a co-host.

The co-host is her niece. Once in her own interview, she said, after completing her graduation. She joined morbid podcast, true crime stories. As she was interested to investigate the reason and conflicts of murderers.

Alaina Urquhart Net Worth

According to the Forbes report, the current net worth of Alaina Urquhart is estimated at $3 million. She earns this worth via taking online interviews, live streams, telling people true crime stories.



Car brand is not known.


She has been living in USA.

Alaina Urquhart Source of Income

The primary source of income of Alaina Urquhart is live podcast at morbid true crime stories. she also works as a screen writer at morbid podcast. Along with, she also has other source of income such as:

  • Sponsorship or advertising deals with companies
  • Paid subscriptions or memberships
  • Crowdfunding through platforms like Patreon
  • Merchandise sales (e.g., t-shirts, mugs, stickers)
  • Live event ticket sales or appearances
  • Affiliate marketing (receiving a commission for promoting products/services)
  • Donations from listeners
  • Licensing content to other platforms or media outlets
  • Creating premium or exclusive content for paid platforms
  • Selling rights to the podcast for adaptation into other formats (e.g., TV show, movie, book)
Estimated Net worth $3 million
Yearly income$73300
Monthly income$56,982
Weekly incomeN/A

Alaina Urquhart Career

We know that Alaina Urquhart is a famous podcaster. She joined morbid podcast in 2018. She keeps all the information about her education, career and personal life under wrap.

So, we don’t know much about her biography. There is just little information that we know is. She joined morbid podcast with her niece named as Ashleigh Kelley.

Personal Life of Alaina Urquhart

There is no information is present about her personal life. She does not reveal much anything about her personal life. Once in her interview talk, she said she is married.

So, her martial status is married. She did not reveal information about her husband. But she talks about her kids. She had three kids.  She is single and just focusing on her career.

Social Media Account of Alaina Urquhart

As we know that, she is active podcaster. She is an active user of social media. Currently she has been using twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Her detail followers are given below:

Instagram279K Followers
PodcastMorbid true crime stories

What is the Net Worth of Alaina Urquhart?

The net worth of Alaina Urquhart is estimated at $3 million.

Who is Alaina Urquhart?

She is a famous podcaster.

When Alaina Urquhart was Born?

She was born on 28 December, 1985.

What is the Zodiac Sign of Alaina Urquhart?

The zodiac sign of Alaina Urquhart is Sagittarius.  

What is the Height of Alaina Urquhart?

Her height stands at 5ft 2 inches tall.

What is the Martial Status of Alaina Urquhart?

She is married.

What is the Profession of Alaina Urquhart?

She is an active podcaster.

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