Morbid Podcast Net Worth, Income Sources 2024

Morbid Podcast’s net worth is estimated at $4 million. This is an American podcast talk show. It is considered the highly demanded podcast talk show by the American people. Here, the crime stories have been discussed.

The Morbid podcast covered dark humor, extensive crime research, and street crime analysis in a more depth way. The talk has been covered in causal manners. The host of the Morbid podcast covered the cause of crime and murders via talk manners.

Then forensic evidence is also used while talking. Crimes’ affects and causes are all discussed in every way. Along with this, the discussion is also done on the family matters of the victims.

Overall, we can say that it’s a show designed for public services. The net worth of the podcast is estimated at $4 million.  

History of Morbid Podcast

As we know that morbid podcast is an American talk show which covers dark humor. The show is hosted by Ashley flowers and Brit Prawat. The founded morbid is a true crime story lately in 2016. Ashley flowers and Brit Prawat shared their passion for true crime stories.

They rise their show by searching for more and more street crime stories. They spread these stories to people and get their feedback as well. On the other hand, the morbid podcast`s host produces some episodes in flowers’ apartment. Ashley flowers and Brit Prawat use a temporary studio to cover a range of scenarios.

It also includes mass murders, serial killers, and other types of crimes. The podcast attracted true crime fans as it rose in popularity and audience over time. Morbid has amassed millions of downloads and a devoted following to become one of the most well-known true crime podcasts today.

Success of Morbid Podcast

The Morbid, A Murder Mysteries Podcast has achieved success. Since it launched in 2016. The podcast has seen an increase in listeners, attracting a large number of true crime enthusiasts.

One of the most well-known crime novels podcasts is called Morbid and is praised for its factual reporting, in-depth investigation, and entertaining narrative. The podcast discusses numerous actual crime incidents, from infamous serial killers to less well-known ones.

For their efforts on the podcast and dedication to the crime novels genre, the hosts Ashley Flowers and Brit Prawat have garnered a great deal of praise. Flowers and Prawat have broadened their media interests outside the show, including one with a twist podcast and apparel sales. The Morbid branding, which is widely regarded as a pioneer in the true crime genre, is continuing to grow and change.

Hosts of Morbid Podcast

The host of Morbid, A True Crime Podcast, Ashley Flowers, and Brit Prawat, don’t reveal anything about their private lives. Very little was revealed about the duo’s private relationships or families. They like to keep them apart from their work on the show.

Flowers and Prawat have stated in interviews that they met because of their similar interest in real crime. Now they are along well at work. They have stated that they enjoy traveling and discovering new locations outside of their podcast and that they are very committed to social and environmental problems.

Flowers and Prawat are well-liked and regarded in the murder mysteries group despite the few available facts, and their supporters are enthusiastic about both of their works on

Income Sources of Morbid Podcast

There is number of sources for the morbid podcast income, some of the notable sources are given below: 

Income for Morbid: A True Crime Podcast earned money from a wide range of places. It includes: 

1. Sponsorship Money and Branding

The podcast has various business sponsors that contribute financial support in exchange for ad space on the program.

2. Marketing and Distribution

To increase the show revenue for the morbid podcast. The Morbid brand advertises and encompasses different retail sales of T-shirts, mugs, and other items.

3. Charitable Contributions

The Morbid podcast has a fixed audience. Hence show listers and fans also contributed to the broadcast.

4. Podcast Offshoots

Flowers and Prawat produced episodes of Morbid-related podcasts that bring a large amount of money to the show. 

5. Live Events

The morbid podcast hosts participate in several public events, such as speaking engagements and live podcast recordings. This kind of participation brings huge money. The total net worth of the morbid podcast is estimated at $4 million. Bottom of Form

Social Media Platforms of a Morbid Podcast

There following are the social media accounts or profiles of the morbid podcast. These are given below: 

Social media accountFollowers
Facebook34.6K Members
Instagram873.4K Followers
YouTube30K Subscribers
TikTok148.6K Followers
Twitter127K Followers
3.19K subscribers 

Who Owns Morbid Podcast?

It is an American anthology which is hosted by Alaina Urquhart and Ash Kelley.

How Many Patrons does Morbid Podcast Have?

There are about over 12,400 patrons does morbid podcast have.

Who Sponsors Morbid Podcast?

The sponsorship of the morbid is supervised by Wondery and Amazon Music.

How Many Listeners Does Morbid Have?

There are 1.5 million people use to listen it and it have 80k ratings.

How Much do Podcasters Make?

Morbid podcast makes $4 million annually.

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