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Who is George Santos?

A prominent politician in the US government, George Anthony Devolder Santos, is currently serving as the US representative for New York’s 3rd congressional district since 3rd January 2023. Santos made history by being the first openly gay member of the Republican Party, who joined Congress in 2022 after suffering defeat from Thomas Suozzi in 2020. 

It is pertinent to mention that Santos has frequently lied about his family, education, work, and property ownership and often falsely accused others of victimizing him. 

Profile Summary of George Santos

Full NameGeorge Anthony Devolder Santos
Date of Birth22nd July 1988
Age35 years old
ParentsFátima Aziza Caruso Horta Devolder and Gercino Antônio dos Santos Jr.
Political PartyRepublican Party
NationalityAmerican and Brazilian
SpouseMarried to Matheus Gerard
Net Worth$49 million USD

Early Life and Education

The 34-year-old politician was born on July 22, 1988, to Fátima Aziza Caruso Horta Devolder and Gercino Antônio dos Santos Jr. in Brazil. Santos has only one sibling, a younger sister, namely Tiffany Lee Devolder Santos. Owing to his parents, he was able to claim dual nationality in the US and Brazil. As far as his educational career is concerned, he was enrolled in Intermediate School 125 in Woodside, Queens, and Primary School 122 in Astoria, Queens, which enabled him to acquire a GED (Certificate of High School Equivalency). Although Santos denied being a drag queen, it is claimed that he participated in Brazilian beauty pageants in 2008 by adopting a drag name Kitara Ravache. 

Early Career

Santos moved to the USA from Brazil and worked in a call center as a customer service representative from October 2011 to July 2012. He later joined HotelsPro in 2013 and LinkBridge Investors in 2017. Most importantly, Santos started working for Harbor City Capital in 2020, right after initiating his election campaign for Congress in November 2019. He stated that he is in charge of managing $1.5 billion in funds for the company (Harbor City Capital), which helped him attain a 12 percent fixed income return. Santos is also the sole owner of the “Devolder Organization” – a company with $80 million in assets. This family-owned business contributes greatly to the net worth of the US representative. 

Political Career of George Santos

After launching his campaign in November 2019, Santos joined the Republican Party for the US House of Representatives in New York’s Third District. It is important to note that the Republican Party would not have allowed such an inexperienced candidate for the elections but because of the pandemic no other candidates stepped forward and Santos was the only choice left against Thomas Suozzi. Santos was successful in impressing party officials by raising funds, attending phone-banking sessions at Mar-a-Lago, and contacting donor groups. Despite the efforts, Santos suffered defeat at the hands of his opponent Suozzi but still surprised the Republican Party by losing by a slight margin (55.9 percent to 43.4 percent). However, Santos refused to accept the results of the election. Right after his defeat against Suozzi, Santos established GADS PAC (a Leadership PAC), to raise funds for his next election campaign. After dealing with numerous pressures (losing the support of some Republican officials and dealing with fraud charges), he was finally able to get hold of the US House by defeating Zimmerman in the November 2022 election. He made history as he is the first LGBTQ member of the Republican Party. Santos has also announced to run for the 2024 Elections and has raised $5,000 in funds for the election as of January 2023. 

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False Biographical Statements

Santos has given false information about his family, education, employment, and political career numerous times. The New York Times reported that Santos has lied about his history multiple times. It is still unclear if Santos is a Jew or Catholic; he claimed that his maternal grandfather was a Jew but converted to Catholicism. He has mixed the two religions and stated that ‘Jesus Christ is also a Jew’. He falsely said that his mother worked at a financial institution but was just a home care nurse. When she died, a Brazilian newspaper titled her a cook. In October 2021, Santos stated that his mother could not survive the 9/11 attacks, but in December 2021, he claimed that his mother had died five years prior. Moreover, he told the press that he attended the Horace Mann School but the school has no record of Santos attending it. He stated that he holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from Baruch College with a 3.89 CGPA but his school fellows never saw him attending classes regularly. In an interview, he also claimed his college life to be the ‘biggest regret in his life’. As far as his employment is concerned, Santos told his friends that he worked for Globo (a Brazilian media company), but the NYT never located his name on the company’s website. Besides this, Santos also claimed to be a victim of a crime that he never got the chance to report. Such claims and lies indeed make him a controversial figure.

Personal Life

Santos openly claims that he belongs to the LGBT community and is gay. Despite being married to a woman from 2012 to 2019, he was involved with men from 2013 onwards. It is important to mention that he never shies away from talking about his sexual identity. In December 2022, Santos stated that his former partner was also unaffected by his identity. Santos also claimed that he has been living with his partner, Matheus Gerard, since 2020 whom he calls his husband. The couple married in November 2021. Santos does not have any children as of June 2023.

Net Worth

George Santos’s net worth is around USD 49 million. His annual income accounts for $7 million approximately which makes him one of the wealthiest politicians in America. Around USD 10 million were inherited by Santos. He owns six real estate properties of a collective worth of $5 million. 

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