Good Simple Living Jeremy And Melissa Net Worth, YouTube Income

One of the best homesteading YouTube channels available is good simple living. This channel follows off-grid American couple Jeremy and Melissa as they transition to a self-sufficient way of life.

Jeremy Souza and Melissa Munro started the Good Simple Life YouTube channel on March 31, 2010. They started this channel to motivate people to live debt-free, aspirational life.

However, Jeremy and Melissa’s ages have yet to be made public. They both are in their 30s.

The estimated net worth of good simple living Jeremy and Melissa is $1.2 million.

Who is Good Simple Living? 

Good simple living is an American YouTube channel. This channel share vlogs about homesteading journey. This channel shared vlogs about lifestyle, hobbies, and good optimistic, happy things.

Within no time channel raised and got several subscribers. This channel receives famous in America as they upload plenty of videos. In 2023, the net worth of Good simple living will be $1.2 million.

NameGood simple living
Net Worth $1.2 million
OwnerJeremy And Melissa
created on YouTube30 March 2010

What is the Total Earning of Good Simple Living? 

Over 457.00K people subscribe to the American YouTube channel Good Simple Living. Since it began 13 years ago, 299 videos have been uploaded. The channel’s financial position as of April 7, 2023.

Good Simple living, a People & Blogs channel, makes a good living on YouTube. Good Simple living makes about $10,000 every month. Good Simple living makes about $120,000 each year.

Estimated income$1.2 million

Good Simple Living Career 

The Perfect Fireproof Concrete House Solution is gaining much popularity among people. Jeremy and Melissa, renowned lifestyle vloggers and YouTubers of Good Simple Living were building a home in the North Idaho mountains.

The couple had gained fame for sharing their homesteading journey, homeschooling, and family life with their audience of six. However, due to the wildfires in the region, they had to alter their home-building plans.

The famous vlogging couple, Jeremy and Melissa from Good Simple Living, were constructing their mountain home in North Idaho when they faced a dilemma due to the wildfires.

They were searching for a reliable alternative to traditional wood log construction and came across EverLog Systems, which they decided to use for their dream home. You can follow their exciting journey on their YouTube channel, where their net worth places them among the top YouTubers.

The contact details for Good Simple Living indicate that their business is located at PO Box 16537, Missoula, MT 59808, and they can be reached via email at or by phone at 877.257.5647 or 406.542.7455 (local number). Their fax number is 406.206.6039.

Social Media Accounts 

Facebook247K Followers  
Instagramh26.6K Followers  
YouTube460K Subscribers  

FAQs about Good Simple Living Jeremy And Melissa

Here I’ve covered some mostly asked questions about Good Simple Living Jeremy And Melissa:

What is the Location of Good Simple Living?

According to Good Simple Living’s address statistics, their business is located at EverLog™ Systems, PO Box 16537, Missoula, MT 59808.

Where in Idaho does Good Simple Living Reside?

Good Simple Living’s location in Idaho is in the mountains of North Idaho, where they were building their home.

Who are the Couple Behind Simple Living With the Segovias?

Simple Living With The Segovias is a channel run by Jeremy and his wife, who live off-grid in the deep cedar forests of Idaho, and are known for their homesteading and powerlifting lifestyle.

Who are Jeremy and Melissa from Good Simple Living?

Jeremy and Melissa are a famous lifestyle vlogging couple and YouTubers from Good Simple Living, who were building a home in the mountains of North Idaho.

What is the Income of Good Simple Living?

Good Simple Living’s monthly earnings from their People & Blogs channel on YouTube are estimated to be around $10K, while their yearly earnings are around $120K. Their net worth in 2023 is estimated to be around $2 million.

What is the Nationality of Good Simple Living’s Jeremy?

Jeremy from Good Simple Living is American.

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