Grupo Firme Net Worth and Income In 2024

Grupo Firme, a California-based melodic band, has four capable individuals. The band is renowned as a provincial Mexican music band. Their YouTube channel Grupo Firme is extremely famous and has 1,000,000 subscribers. Grupo Firme was formed in 2017.

Grupo Firme's net worth as indicated by the 2023 appraisals is about $44.83 million.

Profile Summary of Grupo Firme

NameGrupo Firme
Grupo Firme net worth 2023$44.83 Million
Grupo Firme net worth 2022$25 Million
MembersEduin Caz (lead singer) Abraham Hernandez (second vocalist) Johnny Caz (second vocalist) Joaquin Ruiz (bajo sexto) Christian Gutierrez (bass) Jose Rubio (drums) Dylan Camacho (accordion)

Grupo Firme Early Life

In mid-2020, the world was experiencing a pandemic. At the point when the infection came to North America, Grupo Firme encountered a turning point. Instead of getting a lockdown at homes, they chose to take a studio on lease. The studio was just open to musicians. There the individuals recorded their most memorable breakout collection, pushing the force along where Jhonny Caz says “We couldn’t let what we had worked so hard to build just fall apart.”

Grupo Firme Professional Life

The music band Grupo Firme takes ideas from their performers to make hits. As of now, the band has performed in Mexico and Canada. 

Grupo Firme, a Mexican music band with four individuals, is performing very well. The extravagant existence of everyone in the band makes the band more extraordinary and their cooperation makes the fans love them more. The band began gaining popularity in the mid-2020s. In February 2020, Grupo Firme played a show in Mexico. The stand-up exhibition of Grupo Firme assists them with acquiring more acclaim.

They advance Mexican local music, initially from Tijuana, Mexico. A portion of the Music names they have endorsed till currently are EnigmaNortenoVEVOMusica de ArranqueLap RecordsSERVANDOZLDEL RecordsEl MimosoAzteca Music GatheringTAMARINDOREKORDSZ, and some more. Grupo Firme has ascended in the classification of top famous people with huge net worth.

Eduin Caz Net Worth - Gadgetswright

Net Worth of Gropu Firme

Grupo Firme’s net worth as indicated by the 2023 appraisals is about $44.83 million. Their major source of income is YouTube. 

YouTube content makers situated in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia acquire $2 – $12 per 1000 adapted views after YouTube takes its cut. Also, Google Favored permits profoundly stashed organizations to target promotions in the top 5% of generally famous content. The YouTubers produce extra from YouTube Red watchers who pay a month-to-month charge to see premium content on YouTube in addition to watching recordings without promotions.

  • Income Source: YouTube
  • Channel name: Grupo Firme
  • Joined on: 18th April 2017
  • Number of subscribers: 7.42M


Who is Grupo Firme Artist’s Spouse?

Eduin Cazares’ spouse is Daisy Anahy.

What amount Does Grupo Firme Charge For A Quinceanera?

Grupo Firme charge around $289.00 to $734.00 for A Quinceanera.

Who is Grupo Firme Proprietor?

Every one of the individuals holds equivalent significance.

Where Could Grupo Firme from be?

Grupo Firme is initially from Tijuana, Baja California. All things considered; the individuals have ventured to every part of the nation looking for entering the ears of Mexican territorial darlings.

What Sort of Music Is Grupo Firme?

Grupo Firme’s melodies are Latina and contain LGBTQ tunes.

When Did Grupo Firme Begin?

Performer Eduin Cazares with Joaquín Ruiz formed Grupo Firme in Tijuana in 2014.

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