Zari Hassan Net Worth 2024,Relationship & Career

Zari Hassan is a Ugandan socialite, musician, businesswoman, and actress. Zari Hassan Net worth, career, business, relationship, and other aspects of life are described in this article.

Zari Hassan net worth is approximately between $5-9 million.

Who is Zari Hassan?

She is an inspiration to those who dream of achieving success in their chosen field. Zari Hassan is a musician, businesswoman, and actress.

Her first three children are from her first marriage to Ugandan businessman Ivan Semwanga. They divorced in 2013 after Hassan accused Semwanga of physically abusing her. Semwanga died in 2017 from a stroke. Hassan has two children with Tanzanian Diamond Platnumz.

She is of Indian, Somali, and Burundian descent. She has five sisters and two brothers. Her mother, Halima Hassan, died in 2017. Her father, Abdul Karim Hassan, is a farmer.

NameZari Hassan.
Age42 years.
Date of birthSeptember 23, 1978.
BirthplaceJinja, Uganda

Early Life of Zari Hassan

Zari Hassan is a prominent personality in the entertainment industry. Zari Hassan is a Ugandan socialite, musician, businesswoman, and actress. She currently resides in South Africa. She was born on September 23, 1978, in Jinja, Uganda.  Zari has captivated audiences with her talent and versatility. She is the heir of Brooklyn City College, a diverse and progressive educational institute in South Africa.

Education of Zari Hassan

Zari Hassan attended PMM Girls’ School in Jinja, Uganda. After graduating from high school, she moved to the United Kingdom to study fashion design. She returned to Uganda in 2000 and began her career as a musician. She released her debut album, “The Essence of Love”, in 2005. She has since released four more albums: “Zari the Boss Lady” (2009), “50-50” (2010), “Ice Cream” (2012), and “Diamond Platnumz” (2014).

The college has headquarters in Pretoria and satellite campuses in Polokwane, Durban, Johannesburg, Nelspruit, Vereeniging, and Rustenburg.

Career of Zari Hassan

Zari Hassan’s career is a shining example of her ability to succeed in different areas. She began her journey by participating in beauty pageants, where her beauty and charm garnered attention and praise. But it was her move into the music industry that truly brought her into the limelight. Zari released a series of captivating songs that resonated with listeners, establishing her as a talented musician and winning the hearts of her fans.

But Zari’s ambitions didn’t stop there. Her entrepreneurial spirit led her to venture into diverse business endeavors. She successfully launched a chain of boutiques, introduced her own cosmetics line, and even curated a collection of fragrances. These ventures not only showcased her keen business acumen but also highlighted her ability to tap into current market trends.

Zari’s journey to stardom began with her participation in beauty pageants, where she showcased her grace and charm. Through her dedication and hard work, she achieved notable positions and gained recognition as a beauty queen. However, it was her venture into the music industry that truly set her apart. Zari’s melodious songs struck a chord with listeners, propelling her to new heights of success.

Entertainment Industry

Her contributions to the entertainment industry have made her a beloved figure among fans. Zari’s ability to connect with audiences through her music and charismatic personality has solidified her position as a prominent entertainer. With her captivating presence, she continues to inspire and entertain people from all walks of life.

Zari Hassan’s journey serves as an inspiration, highlighting the power of passion and determination in achieving one’s dreams. Her story resonates with many, reminding us that with dedication and talent, we can overcome obstacles and make a significant impact in our chosen fields.

Her Impact extends beyond her performances, inspiring others to make a positive difference in the world. Through her unique journey, Zari exemplifies the power of determination and kindness, leaving an indelible mark on those who encounter her story.

Zari Hassan continues to captivate audiences and inspire others with her journey to success. Her accomplishments serve as a testament to the power of determination, talent, and hard work. Zari’s story resonates with many, offering valuable lessons and motivation to pursue one’s dreams and passions.


Zari Hassan is the heir and CEO of Brooklyn City College (BCC), a South African based diverse, progressive educational institute which she co-founded with her late husband Ivan Ssemwanga. BCC maintains the headquarters campus in Pretoria, with satellite campuses in Polokwane, Durban, Johannesburg, Nelspruit, Vereeniging and Rustenburg.

Contributions in Music

Zari Hassan, a multi-talented individual, has made significant contributions to the world of music. Some of her popular songs include “Oliwange,” “Jukila,” “Kagome,” “Kikoona,” “Hotter Than Them,” “Falling In Love,” and “In Love With The Dance Floor.” These melodious tracks have garnered her immense recognition and a dedicated fan base.

Zari owns a tertiary college and a cosmetic store, showcasing her diverse interests. Additionally, she holds ownership in several prominent companies, including a luxurious five-star hotel, The Brooklyn Schools, a magnificent home in South Africa, and a thriving real estate firm.


Zari Hassan is a philanthropist and has been involved in a number of charitable causes. She is the founder of the Zari Foundation, which provides education and healthcare to children in need.

Zari Hassan Net Worth

Zari Hassan net worth is a result of her remarkable success as a Ugandan socialite, musician, businesswoman, and actress. Zari Hassan net worth is estimated to be $5-9 million.

She has skillfully navigated various industries and made strategic investments, establishing herself as a prominent figure in the entertainment and business world.

Net Worth$5-9 million.
Monthly Income$600k.
Yearly income$1-2 million.

Cars of Zari Hassan

She has a amazing collection of cars. It includes a striking Mercedes Benz E 250 CDI, a sleek Audi Q7, a sporty Range Rover Sport HSE, and a stylish BMW X6. These lavish possessions further emphasize her remarkable success.

With her exceptional accomplishments and extravagant lifestyle, Zari Hassan remains an intriguing and captivating figure, inspiring many with her achievements and unwavering determination.

Owner of Business

Zari Hassan is a successful businesswoman and a role model for many young women. She is an inspiration to those who dream of achieving success in their chosen field.

Zari Hassan is also the owner of a number of businesses, including a clothing line, a beauty salon, and a restaurant. She is also a brand ambassador for a number of products and services.

Martial Life of Zari Hassan

In 2011, Zari Hassan married Ugandan businessman Ivan Semwanga. They had three children together: Latifah Dangote, Pinto Semwanga, and Dido Semwanga. The couple divorced in 2013.

In 2014, Zari Hassan began dating Tanzanian artist Diamond Platnumz. They had two children together: Prince Nilan and Tiffah Dangote. The couple broke up in 2017.

Ex-Husband of Zari

Zari Hassan’s ex-husband reportedly generates an impressive sum of over Ush700 million every month through his various businesses across the continent. Surprisingly, despite her ex-husband’s intentions of granting her approximately half of that amount, Zari herself manages to take home a substantial Ush350 million monthly. With a net worth estimated at $9 million, Zari Hassan primarily focuses her investments in South Africa.

Dating Scene of Zari

Recently, there have been developments in the relationship between Zari Hassan and Diamond Platnumz. Despite facing challenges in the past, the two individuals have managed to reconcile.

Their ten-year marriage faced considerable challenges. Zari has shared her experience of alleged violence from her ex-husband.

Zari Hassan has clarified that their renewed connection is only for the well-being of their two children. In a video shared on social media, Zari expressed her disappointment towards those who criticized her decision.

 She emphasized that Diamond has acknowledged his mistakes and has actively taken on a more involved role in their children’s lives.

Zari Hassan is not only a talented entertainer but also a compassionate philanthropist. Her dedication to various charitable initiatives, particularly those focused on empowering women and children, is truly remarkable.

Through her campaigns, Zari raises awareness about important social issues and provides much-needed support to underprivileged communities. Her commitment to giving back and uplifting others has garnered widespread respect and admiration.

Mother of Three Children

In addition to her professional achievements, Zari Hassan is a loving mother to her three children. Her role as a parent exemplifies strength, resilience, and determination, making her an inspiration to many.

Social Media Platforms

Zari Hassan is a popular figure on social media and has over 8 million followers on Instagram. She is known for her lavish lifestyle and her outspoken personality.

Instagram2907 followers. 
Twitter 189 followers.
Facebook 843k followers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here I have covered most frequently Asked Questions.

Who is Zari Hassan?

Zari Hassan is a successful businesswoman and a role model for many young women. She is considered as a Boss Lady.

What is the date of birth of Zari Hassan?

Her date of birth is September 23, 1978.

What is the total net worth of Zari Hassan?

Zari Hassan net worth is in between$5-9 million.

What is the age of Zari Hassan?

She is 42 years old.

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