Jaylan Mobley Net Worth, Career & Relationship

Jaylan Mobley Net worth is $500k. He is a member of the cyber operations element team. He belongs to the WVARNG defensive department. He is a US Army officer.

He is an assistant supervisor to the West Virginia National Guard. Jaylen Mobley Net Worth is $500 thousand.

Early Life of Jaylen Mobley

His early life is spent in Charlotte, North Carolina. His nickname is JAYMOB. Despite growing up in a small town, he had big dreams.  His father’s name is Edward Perry. His mother is Tywana Ty. His dad also belongs to the military. He gains inspiration from his dad.

Now, his dad is retired. He also has a sister. Her name is Jessica Mobley. She is his twin sister. He considered her his best friend. His bond with his family is very strong. They spent all the occasions together and celebrate them with full delight.

Education of Jaylen Mobley

Jaylen completed high school with excellence. He was a very bright student. He always wanted to be an army officer. In 2015, he joined the combating territories army.

He has achieved several notable accomplishments throughout his career. He was honored to serve as an honorary guard after receiving pieces of trainings at the United States Military Academy prep school. Then, he enrolled in the Georgia military college. He pursued a double major in computer science and homeland security and emergency management.

His hard work and dedication to his studies did not go unnoticed as he was awarded the Excellence in Leadership award by Lieutenant General William Cadwell.  His commitment to his education and his willingness to serve in various capacities demonstrate his passion for leadership and his dedication to his chosen fields of study.

Who is Jaylan Mobley

His full name is Jaylan Mobley. He is also known as Mobley. His age is 25 years old. His date of birth is September 14, 1996. His occupation is the national guard.

He has been interested in the military since his childhood. In his student-run organization, he participated in numerous competitions. He also organized events featuring guest speakers. He also volunteers his time to help tutor other students.

Career of Jaylen Mobley

He is an army officer. He has a good name in the army of the US. He has given the service of the military since 2019. He also worked for NASA (National Aeronautics and space administration) in May 2019.

He has demonstrated his skills of leadership. He got these skills from both the red team (offense) and the blue team (defense).  He also has served as the 139th Regimental Commander. He has worked for Georgia Military College-Milledgeville Campus. He also has gained valuable experience in managing things. He is an expert in leading teams.

He started his career in 2018. He served as an intern for information technology. He also worked as an intern for the receptionist at BAE Systems which is a huge success for him. Then, he moved on to the world as a case manager. He also worked as a design administrative assistant at BB&T. He was able to show his skills in customer service.

He was interested in cyber security for so long. This led him to join the WVU Cyber Security team as a senior member.  His dedication to training the next generation of cybersecurity professionals is a testament to his commitment to the field.

Net Worth of Jaylen Mobley

The total net worth of Jaylen Mobley is $500k. He is earning from his job as an army officer. He has worked in areas such as cyber defense, cyber intelligence, and other cyber operations. He is also responsible for developing strategies to protect the network of an army from cyber attacks.

Source of income

His primary source of income is from the job of the military. He can make a good amount of money from there. For his side hustles, he is also active on his social media platforms. He does paid partnership deals with different brand on Instagram. He has worked with M2jets.

He also had done some advertisements which also contributed to increasing his income. He has worked with Expressmen.  

Assets of Jaylen Mobley

He has become an inspiration to others who aspire to achieve their dreams through his perseverance and dedication. His achievements are a real success for him. His accomplishments speak to his willingness to take risks and pursue goals.  


He has been living in Morgantown, West Virginia.

Personal Life of Jaylen Mobley

He had a girlfriend. Her name is Leah Messer. But, they recently broke off. Their relationship was known on the social media platform. They were together for so long but then they broke off in 2022. He proposed to her in Costa Rica. She was very happy about that proposal and also say yes to this engagement. They met through a project by Jaylen. The name of the project is ESPN.

Leah is a teen mom. She is also a television personality. After the break up, they announced it on social media and then decided to be friends.

Social Media Accounts

Instagram144k followers.
Facebook11k followers.
Twitter1775 followers.

Frequently Asked Questions of Jaylen Mobley

Here I’ve discussed all questions about Jaylen Mobley:

Who is Jaylen Mobley?

He is a cyber professor and PHD student. He is an army cyber officer. He is an assistant team leader to the Army National Guard. He is also an Entrepreneur.

What is the Age of Jaylen Mobley?

His age is 26 years old.

What is the Date of Birth of Jaylen Mobley?

His date of birth is 26 years old.

Where is Jaylen Mobley Working Now?

He is working in the West Virginia Army National guard. His rank is Lieutenant, deputy team chief.

What is the Net Worth of Jaylen Mobley?

His net worth is $500k.

What is the Relationship Status of Jaylen Mobley?

Jaylen is single now. He got engaged to a famous TV personality, Leah in 2021. They started dating. But, now they broke up.

What is the Religion of Jaylen Mobley?

His religion is Christianity.

What is the Zodiac Sign of Jaylen Mobley?

His star sign is Virgo.

What is the Weight of Jaylen Mobley?

His weight is 85 KG.

What is the Height of Jaylen Mobley?

His height is 6 feet and six inches. In centimeters, his height is 198 centimeter.

What is the Shoe Size of Jaylen Mobley?

His shoe size is 14(U.S).

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