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John Hinckley Jr. is a renowned criminal, brought into the world on May 29, 1955, in the US. He is one of the most famous criminals in the United States.

As of June 1, 2023, John Hinckley Jr.'s net worth is $100k.

Who is John Warnock Hinckley Jr.?

John Warnock was born on 29 May 1955 in Ardmore, Oklahoma. He belongs to a well-off family. By the age of 4, he, along with his family, moved to Dallas, Texas. John’s father, John Warnock Hinckley, was the president and chairperson of Vanderbilt Energy Corporation, and his mother, Jo Ann Hinckley was a homemaker.

Profile Summary

Full NameJohn Hinckley Jr.
ProfessionalCriminal and Singer 
Net Worth (2023) $100K
Source of income YouTube Promotion Income and Music Eminence
Date of BirthMay 29, 1955
Spot of BirthOklahoma
ParentsJohn Warnock Hinckley Sr., Jo Ann Moore
SiblingsScott Hinckley, Diane Hinckley
Star signGemini
CountryUnited States

Early Life & Education

He went to Highland Park High School in the Dallas Region. After school, he got selected for Texas Tech College.

After some time, he quit his studies and moved to Los Angeles in 1975 to become a lyricist but unfortunately, he couldn’t. He composed a letter to his parents and requested cash. Later on, in 1976, he got back to his parent’s home in Evergreen.

In mid-1980, John bought a few weapons and began rehearsing them. Besides, during this time, he even endorsed tranquilizers and antidepressants to manage his emotional issues.

John Hinckley Jr. Assassination Attempt on Ronald Reagan

John was interested in Jodie Foster after he saw her in the film Taxi Driver in 1976. He was especially fascinated by her when she entered Yale University. John likewise moved to New HavenConnecticut, to follow her. 

John begins sending Jodie love letters and romantic poetry but couldn’t get any response. He started thinking about a suicide attempt to get Jodie’s attention by hijacking an aircraft. Later, he decided to kill the president to impress Jodie. He followed President Jimmy Carter but before he could assassinate him, he was arrested on firearm charges.

When he got back home, he got psychiatric treatment but there was no improvement in his mental health. He again decided to assassinate the new president Ronald Reagan. He also wrote a letter to Jodie. He mentioned his one-sided love in the letter and shared his intention to assassinate the president. On 30 March 1981, when Ronald left the Hilton Hotel, he shot him with six bullets. After that, he was arrested.

In August 1981, he was moved to psychiatric care from the Bureau of Prisons custody. Later on, many things happened inside and outside the court. Ultimately, he was sent to St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in Washington, D.C., for the therapy of narcissistic and schizotypal personality disorder. For over fifteen years, he stayed there. Lastly, on 27 July 2016, he was set free from the hospital as he was as of now not a danger to himself or others.

Professional Career as A Singer 

Since early on, John has tried to be a lyricist. So after quite a while, he posted music anonymously on the web, which got little interest from the crowd. Later on, in October 2020, the court expressed that he could show and market his writings, artwork, and music freely under his own name. So he made his self-named YouTube channel John Hinckley and on 12 December 2020, he uploaded his first song. Till now, he has uploaded almost 35 recordings on his channel, which incorporate recordings of himself performing unique melodies with a guitar and covers of other songs. As of now, his channel has more than 32.6K subscribers. 

In 2021, John reported that he was working on his album and searching for record labels to release it. Later on, he declared that his album would release in mid-2022 on his own established label Emporia Records. In October 2021, he delivered his first single We Have Got That Chemistry. Additionally, in November 2021, he delivered another single named You Let Whiskey Do Your Talking. Presently, he is uploading more unique tunes and covers on his YouTube channel.

Net Worth

John Hinckley Jr. is right now a singer, however, he is mainly known for endeavoring the death of U.S. President Ronald Reagan.

The updated net worth of John Hinckley Jr. in 2023 is around $100K. John’s greater part of his pay comes from his YouTube channel ad revenue and music royalty.

NameJohn Hinckley Jr.
ProfessionCriminal & Singer
Net Worth$100K
Source of IncomeYouTube Ad Revenue and Music Royalty


For what reason did Hinckley shoot President Reagan?

John fell in love with Jodie Foster after seeing her film Taxi Driver. He tried to contact Jodie by writing letters but couldn’t get any response. Finally, he decided to shoot President Reagan to gain attention from Jodie.

Who did John Hinckley assassinate?

Hinckley assassinated U.S. President Ronald Reagan, White House press secretary James Brady, Secret Agent Timothy McCarthy, and a Washington cop Thomas Delahanty.

When did Hinckley shoot Reagan?

On 30 March 1981, when Ronald left the Hilton Hotel, he shot him with six bullets. After that, he was arrested.

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