Kevin Rinke Net Worth in 2024, Income, Family, Wife, Bio

He is a famous personality. His profession is a politician. He works as a legislator and finance manager for different companies. He is also a Michigan businessman. He is also an auto dealer. Now, he desires to be the next governor of Michigan.

 The estimated net worth of Kevin Rinke is $1 million.

Biography of Kevin Rinke

The name of his mother is Janice Skillman. The father of Kevin Rinke is Ronald John Rinke. He also had a younger brother. His name was Michael. He died in a plane accident. He has a sister too. Her name is Elizabeth. She was also brought up in Michigan.

He is 60 years old. He was born in Oakland County. He has helped many families and associations for welfare purpose. He became a politician due to his family background. His family background is very strong. His grandparents have their own car dealership company.

His grandfather has the general motors association In Michigan. It is a very old dealership. They have expanded their business as time passes. Now, they are included in the top best businesspeople.

Early Life of Kevin Rinke

He belongs to a very business-oriented family. He was brought up in Michigan. The grandparents of Kevin were also business. He proceeds with his career while doing business. But, he was also interested in working in health care and hospitals.

He has studied at Michigan State University. He has a degree in statistics and advertisement. After completing his graduation, he desires to join politics as a governor.

The Career of Kevin Rinke

He has promised to invest almost $10 million in the governor race. All the amount and investment were done by his personal sources. He is very concerned about the growth of his region.

He promised to spend his own money on the welfare of the people of his country. He was very concerned about the economic growth of Michigan. He wants to be the governor of Michigan because he is a successful businessman.

He has also collaborated with Centria Healthcare and worked for them for a very long period. This company provides the service to children. He has also expanded the healthcare and medicine activism in different parts of America and specifically, California.

He has also worked with the association of Cassell. He started this job in 2009. This association provides the rehabilitation of people who are not mentally well. He started his career by doing the job of an executive at international companies. He has served his service at Penske Automotive and Sonic Automotive. They are the biggest public traders dealers.

He has gained the reins of the Rinke Automotive group. He has been working as a Chief Executive Officer.

Net Worth of Kevin Rinke

The total net worth of Kevin Rinke is $1 million. He is a successful businessperson. He has worked in many companies and associations for generating this huge amount of money.

Source of Income

He has accumulated $1 million from his personal business. He is an auto dealer too. His source of income is his profession as a businessman. He has also earned a handsome amount of money from his job. He has worked in many healthcare and hospitals too.

Assets of Kevin Rinke


The information about his residence is not confirmed.


He is the owner of many luxurious cars as his business is related to cars.

Personal Life of Kevin Rinke

He is a married person. His wife is Janine. They have been married for 25 years. He is very thankful to his wife for supporting him in his career. He also posted about her on his Twitter account.

Social Media Accounts

He is very active on his Twitter account. He post about his political views.

FacebookNo official page.
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Twitter1327 followers.
YouTubeNo Channel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Kevin Rinke?

Kevin Rinke is a successful businessman. He wants to join politics soon in the elections of August 2023.

What is the total net worth of Kevin Rinke?

The total net worth of Kevin Rinke is $1 million.

What is the relationship status of Kevin Rinke?

He is a married person.

What is the name of the wife of Kevin Rinke?

His wife is Janine. She supports her in his career. He is very thankful to her.

What is the age of Kevin Rinke?

His age is 60 years old.

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