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Judge Rhonda Wills net worth? Judge Rhonda is not a real judge. She is a host of the TV show. Rhonda plays the role of Judge in the TV show. Judge Rhonda is an American public figure. She is a practiced lawyer but also owns it TV show named Justice Judge Rhonda Wills.

Hence, she is a celebrity and a fresh TV sensation in the audience. According to the reports of Forbes and Bloomberg,

The net worth of Judge Rhonda Wills is estimated at $100 million. She earns such net worth via her TV and her professional job as a lawyer. 

Bio of Judge Rhonda Wills

As we know that Judge Rhonda Wills is not a real judge. She is a practiced lawyer and a host of Justice Judge Rhonda Will’s TV show. She was born in the United States of America. her date of birth is 13 Feb 1969. There is not much information is available about her schooling and personal life.

Hence, we can talk about her legal work and activities such as, she is a famous lawyer and TV host. She used to resolve legal family problems of the people. hence, she is a famous family lawyer and public sensation.  The net worth of Judge Rhonda Wills is estimated at $100 million.

Judge Rhonda Wills Net Worth

According to the report Forbes, the net worth of Judge Rhonda Wills is estimated at $70 to $100 million. She is a family lawyer, and use to solve legal family problems. She is also a well-professional attorney lawyer. The total net worth of Judge Rhonda is estimated at $100 million. 

The Early Life of Judge Rhonda Wills

NameRhonda Wills
EducationBBA Graduate from Taxes, Austin University
Date of birth13 Feb 1969
Martial statusMarried
HusbandAnthony C. Wills

The Early Life of Judge Rhonda

Judge Rhonda Wills was born in the United States of America. she is a famous public figure. Rhonda gained her graduation degree from the University of Texas. She earned a degree in BBA. Later after, she put steps into business. After some time, she started getting an education in law school.

She gets a law degree and approved licenses for it. Rhonda started practice as a lawyer in US supreme court, California, and New York. She started her business along with it, such as Wills’ business, the Wills Law Firm, PLLC. The main office of Rhonda wills is located in Houston, Texas, and a branch is in Los Angeles.

The Career of Judge Rhonda

Judge Rhonda is not a real judge, she is a practiced lawyer. She used to host as a judge in her TV show. She is a formidable sensation who used to appear on television frequently. Rhonda Judge talks about legal family issues in her show. The show is well-known as Judge Rhonda Justice.

Wills has recovered more than $100 million since starting her law practice nearly 20 years ago. She used started work by defending the rights of regular Americans in their struggle against powerful corporations. Wills’ life goal is to develop a system that is focused on justice, equality, and fairness for everybody.

She has been working since was growing up in Winona, Texas with her mother and grandmother. They taught her about society’s inequities from a young age. She uses her knowledge and intellect to speak up for those who most need it. she is a backend voice for those who have experienced discrimination, sexual harassment, and sexual assault.

She also supports those who have endured severe physical injuries. She is brave and passionate about her profession. Her profession is demonstrated by the special relationship she builds with her customers and the numerous passionate referrals she receives as a result of her huge successes.

Source of Income of Judge Rhonda

The primary source of income of Judge Rhonda is its practice of supreme court cases. She has been working to solve the legal family issues of many people.

The main interests of Rhonda`s workings are: 

  • Legal family issues
  • Issues of harassment
  • Sexual exploitation
  • Family matters like divorce and merry

The noted net worth of Rhonda Will is estimated at $100 million. 

Assets of Rhonda Wills


The cars which are being used by Rhonda Judge are not publicly mentioned in her biography.  


Judge Rhonda Wills lives in the USA. She did not share information about her personal life and property.   

Personal life of Judge Rhonda

Judge Rhonda is an American public figure. She is the leading host of a reality TV show named Relative justice. As far as her personal life information, she married Anthony C. Wills. She has 5 kids. She suffered from dynamic family situations. So, not much information is available about her.

Social Media Accounts

Social MediaFollowers
Facebook8.8K Followers
Instagram212K Followers
Twitter 1147 Followers
TikTok3248 Followers
TV showJudge Rhonda Justice
YouTube197K Subscribers

What is the Net Worth of Judge Rhonda & Rhonda’s Wills? 

The net worth of Rhona’s wills is estimated at $100 million. Whereas Judge Rhonda is the TV show which leads by Rhonda Wills as a host.

Who is Judge Rhonda? 

Judge Rhonda is a practicing lawyer. She used to solve legal family problems. She is also a host on the Relative justice reality show.  

What is the Zodiac Sign of Rhonda Wills?

The zodiac sign of Rhonda Wills is Pisces. 

How Tall is Judge Rhonda?

The height of Judge Rhonda is about 5ft 2 inches tall. 

Is Rhonda Wills Married?

Yes, Rhonda wills are married to Rhona Paul and mother of 4 children. She is serving as a host in a TV show named Rhonda Judge. 

How is the Spouse of Judge Rhonda? 

Rhona Paul is the husband of Rhonda Wills. 

Is Judge Rhonda a Real Judge?

She is not a real judge; she hosted a reality TV show called Relative Justice. Rhonda is a practiced law in California, USA. 

What does Rhonda Paul Wills Do For a living?

Rhonda Paul is a remarkable businessperson, public figure, and television personality. He is the brother of Rhonda Wills. 

Where is Judge Rhonda Wills Show Filmed?

Rhonda Wills shot the film in Lexington, Kentucky USA. 

Does Judge Dad Use Actors?

Yes, Rhonda Judge’s Dad uses various actors. All are different people who comes from different places. The cast of actors depends on the films and different events. Actors are not based on a single person. It can be anyone from a specific domain. 

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