What Happened To Tia Lupita After Shark Tank In 2024? 

Tia Lupita Foods is a well-known Mexican food brand. It was established by Hector Saldivar in 2016. The brand makes healthy Mexican foods by using natural & organic ingredients. The main reason why people love Mexican food is its unique taste and spices.

Saldivar was born in Mexico’s Monterrey. He moved to the US in 2005 looking for work. He worked for various food and beverage companies, including Nestle, Diamond Foods, Klass Time, and more.

All You Want to Know About Tia Lupita Foods

The brand Tia Lupita Foods sells food with a Mexican taste, made with organic and healthy ingredients. Hector Saldivar established the business, which he named Tia Lupita out of appreciation for his mom, and put together its contributions for loved and down-generational family recipes.

The hot sauce was the first item that Tia Lupita Food offered. Now, it is offering more choices like two types of Salsa Mache, cactus tortillas, and grain-free cactus tortilla chips.

Grain-free tortilla chips made by Hector cost $1.50 and retail for somewhere in the range of $3.99 and $4.99. In 2020, the business made $900,000, and $1.5 million in 2021. This year, Hector anticipates $4 million in sales.

Company Profile

Company NameTia Lupita Foods
FounderHector Saldivar
ProductMexican-inspired food made with natural ingredients
Asked For$500k for 5% equity
Final Deal$500k as a line of credit at a 12.5% ​​interest rate for 5% equity non diluted
SharkKevin O’Leary
Tia Lupita Foods shark tank EpisodeSeason 14 Episode 20
Air DateApril 14, 2023
Business StatusIn Business
HeadquartersTiburon, California, United States
Lifetime Net Worth (Sales)$10M *estimated
Official WebsiteTia Lupita
AmazonBuy Now!
Instagram ProfileTia Lupita

Who is the Founder of Tia Lupita Foods?

Tia Lupita Foods is founded by Hector Saldivar. He started the company in 2016. Hector appeared in an episode of Shark Tank and asked for the financing of $500,000 in return for a 5% stake in the company. The show was broadcasted on April 14, 2023.

Sharks had some doubts about the company’s productivity. But the company’s regional accounts in Wegmans, Walmart, Target, and Publix convinced the Sharks. 

What Happened to Tia Lupita Foods After Shark Tank?

Hector Saldivar presented Tia Lupita Food in Shark Tank in season 14, episode 20. He was requesting $500,000 in return for a 5% stake in the company, which would esteem the company at $10 million. He uncovers that Tia Lupita made $900,000 in deals in 2020. He also stated the brand was propelled by his mom’s hot sauce recipe. Saldivar has contributed $700,000 of his assets and has raised $1.9 million.

Hector also discussed his childhood events in Mexico and how the main thing he and his family have acquired is family recipes. He started by utilizing the hot sauce recipe his mom had passed down, which he shared with friends and colleagues.

Tia Lupita Foods on 'Shark Tank': Here's how you can turn your boring food  into Mexican delights | MEAWW

Net worth of Tia Lupita Food in 2023

Tia Lupita Food is expected to have a $10 million net worth as of 2023. The anticipated pay for 2023 is $4.0 million.

On April 14, 2023, Hector Saldivar showed up on Shark Tank and requested $500,000 in return for a 5% possession of his company. Kevin O’Leary consented to give Tia Lupita Food a $500k credit expansion in return for a non-dilatable 5% proprietorship stake in the organization.

Is Tia Lupita Foods Still in Business?

The famous food brand Tia Lupita is working yet. Saldivar expressed that seven days after the Shark Tank episode was aired, sales increased drastically.

Final Words

Concisely speaking, Tia Lupita has undeniably gained astounding headway and collected a sizable net worth in 2023. Moreover, the company is expected to earn $4.0 million in 2023. Customers from all over the planet have positively reviewed the products of Tia Lupita Foods. It isn’t wrong to say that Tia Lupita has gotten a reputable position in the hot sauce market.


What’s in Tia Lupita hot sauce?

Seven essential ingredients, including red bean stew peppers, refined vinegar, garlic, salt, dark pepper, oregano, and cumin, are utilized to make Tia Lupita Hot Sauce.

Is Tia Lupita Foods still in business?

Yes, Tia Lupita Foods is still in business and the company’s net worth is increasing with the passage of time. 

What is the net worth of Tia Lupita?

As of April 2023, Tia Lupita Foods’ net worth is expected to be around $10 million. In 2023, the organization was supposed to procure $4.0 million in income. 

Who is the founder of Tia Lupita?

Tia Lupita’s founder is Hector Saldivar. Everything began with a hot sauce recipe, his mom told him.

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