Ben Schroeder Net Worth: Bio, Salary, Age, Kids 2024

Ben Schroeder is an American social media veterinary activist. Eric and Ben both studied together. Eric is a loveliest wife of Ben. Both studied veterinary sciences together at the university of Kansas, USA. After completing education, they started their clinic together. Hence, they start earning together.

The net worth of the Ben and Eric Schroeder is estimated about $1.7 million.

Biography of Ben Schroeder?

Ben is an American animal care taker. Ben and Erin Schroeder are a married couple who also appear on television. They appear in Heartland Docs on Nat Geo. Ben and his business partner are both licensed veterinarians who work in the Nebraska region. Ben came from a long line of veterans, as we could see just looking at him.

NameBen Schroeder
Birth placeUSA, Nebraska
Date of birthJanuary 22 N/A(Year)
Place of birthUSA
SpouseEric Schroeder
Children2 Children

The Early Life of Ben Schroeder

Ben Schroeder was born in Nebraska USA. His father was an animal health care employee. Likewise, Ben also studied veterinary sciences. Animal health specialist Dr. Ben Schroeder currently serves as the director of Cedar County Veterinary Services.

His father founded this veterinary clinic in the first part of the 1970s. Because it was a family business, Ben eventually acquired ownership of the center when his father decided to retire. Ben was raised exclusively in the northeastern region of Nebraska. His family possessed a sizable farm that housed a wide variety of animals.

Ben would eventually follow in his father’s footsteps by assisting at the clinic and taking care of animals in his spare time. Along with this, he also discovered a passion for equestrian riding, which he continues to practice today. Ben started working as a Certified Beef Quality Assurance Trainer right out of high school.

Schroeder spent years teaching other farmers in his area how to properly care for their livestock so that they would produce the best possible beef.

Ben Estimated Net Eorth

By the year of 2023, the net worth of Ben Schroeder is estimated about $1.7 million. The major source of Ben Schroeder `s income is his clinic. The clinic run by Eric, Ben and their family. On the other hand, the Heartland show is also a source of their income.  

Career Life of Ben Schroeder

Ben and Eric Schroeder run their veterinary clinic. They construct their real estate portfolio via visiting the historical buildings. Soon this story caught by network TV. The show started soon. Their career started from this show. They start giving their veterinary services via this show.

A programmed called Heartland doc highlights the Schroeder’s’ efforts at Cedar County Veterinary Service. On January 25, 2020, the first episode debuted and aired on Nat Geo Wild. Fans could at last follow Ben and his companion as they zipped across rural Nebraska assisting abandoned animals. Since most of their patients are located within a 300-mile radius, the couple finds it simpler to care for them.

The show has been broadcast for two years and three seasons so far. Interestingly, the show’s creators have already given the go-ahead for a fourth season, which will focus more on the couple’s sons. The net worth of Ben Schroeder is estimated about $1.7 million.

Assets of Ben Schroeder


The car brand is not available in their biography.


The couple construct their real estate portfolio via visiting major historical places over the country. The couple is very passionate about renovating houses. They have property in the heart of Hartington. They have property like Hotel Hartington to the Globe.

As they visit the number of Historical places and make their property.  The story was catch by the TV network execs. The TV network wanted to remodel their story in the news headlines. Couple did not show any interest in this however they focused on their veterinary clinic.

Ben Schroeder Source of Income

The major source of income of Ben Schroeder is their clinic. The loveliest couple Ben and Eric run their own veterinary clinic. As we know that they have studied Veterinary sciences together at Kansas University.

So, they run veterinary clinic together. They have two kids, both kids also help in their family clinic. The major source of income of Ben and Eric is their business. The net worth of the Ben is estimated about $1.7 million.  

Personal Life of Ben Schroeder

Ben Schroeder is kind of a person, who do not want to opens up in media or frontline. Hence not much of his personal life info is available. Ben Schroeder is somehow famous due to his wife Eric Schroeder. Eric is somehow is a media person and bit famous.

The couple married early after completing their graduation. They met each other while studying veterinary sciences. So, sharp when they complete their education. The get married. Later after, the couple plan their family. Soon after marriage, Eric Schroeder gave birth to her first child on 3rd June 2003. His name is Charlie Schroeder.

Now Charlie is about 25 years old.  After 2 years they had 2nd child. They named Chase of his second son. Chase is now 23 years old.  He was born on 25th June 2005.  In total, Ben Schroeder and Eric Schroeder have two children. Both kids help out to run their family clinic. The clinic is located at Heartland docs.

Social Media Platform of Ben Schroeder

The social media profile details of the Ben Schroeder are given below:

Social MediasFollowers & links
Facebook19.6K followers  
Instagram 23.7K followers  
TwitterNot available
TikTokNot available
YouTubeNot available
LinkedinNot available
PinterestNot available
TV Show@docsbenanderin #HeartlandDocsDVM on @NatGeoWILD  

Where did Ben Schroeder Grow Up?

Ben Schroeder was born and grow up in the Northeastern Nebraska. 

What is the Zodiac Sign of Ben Schroeder?

The zodiac sign of Ben Schroeder is AQUARIUS.

What is the Net Worth of Ben Schroeder?

The net worth of the Ben Schroeder is estimated about $1.7 million.

How Tall is Ben Schroeder?

Ben Schroeder is 6 ft/ 3 inches tall.

Where do Ben and Erin Schroeder Live?

Ben and Eric Schroeder live in Hartington, Nebraska.

Where is Heartland Docs, DVM Located?

It is situated at rural Hartington, Nebraska.

How did Heartland Docs Meet?

They said they are school sweethearts. The met each other while they were studying veterinary of sciences at Kansas university.

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