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Want to know GarmaGuard net worth? GarmaGuard is a new product on the market. It revolutionized the procedures of cleaning houses. It’s a portable cleaning tool that employs ultrasonic waves to produce a powerful cleaning solution that removes filth, grime, and stains from any surface. The best feature is that GarmaGuard is safe and does not require harsh chemicals or detergents.

Pete Badawy and Bianca Badawy were the founders of GermaGuard. They made this product to improve the way they cleaned their homes. After facing many failures, they finally produced a product they were proud of. They made the decision to release it on the market.

They also appeared on the well-known television program Shark Tank, where the sharks showed much interest in the company’s products. The GarmaGuard has gained popularity since it participated in Shark Tank. It was featured in many newspapers and magazines. Time Magazine even called it one of the best new items of 2020.

You should check out GarmaGuard if you’re looking for a better house-cleaning method. It is the safest and most efficient way to clean your house without dangerous chemicals.

As of 2023, Garma Guard has a net worth of $500,000 – $800,000.

GarmaGuard Net Worth

When GarmaGuard appeared on Shark Tank, it was valued at $1 million. As of 2022, Garma Guard had a net worth of $500,000 – $800,000.

What is GarmaGuard?

GarmaGuard is a non-toxic, all-natural spray and cleaner. It was made to get rid of microorganisms that cause offensive odors. The cleaner also removes germs, smells, and debris. The non-GMO GarmaGuardTM is a garment and fabric cleaning spray. You can use it on clothing, textiles, and soft surfaces to remove microorganisms that produce odors. This spray also stops the spread of bacteria.

This organic, non-toxic, and chemical-free anti-bacterial spray GarmaGuard can be applied to clothing. The needs of frontline workers were especially considered when creating this one-of-a-kind product. Other than clothes, GarmaGuard can be sprayed or applied to many different things, including uniforms, shoes, headgear, and casual clothing. 

The main component of GarmaGuard is citric acid. It is a powerful organic molecule with the ability to destroy bacteria. It can also remove genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

GarmaGuard markets itself as a risk-free substitute for harsh chemical disinfectants. Tests have proven that it is efficient against a range of bacteria and germs.  GarmaGuard is available on Amazon and other online retailers of police and nursing supplies.

Company Profile

Company NameGermaGuard
FoundersPete Badawy and Bianca Badawy
ProductAn organic cleaner that kills bacteria and viruses
LocationMilltown, New Jersey
Investment asked for$100,000 for 10% equity in GermaGuard
Final DealNo deal
Net Worth$500,000 – $800,000
Business StatusIn Business
Official WebsiteGermaGuard
Facebook Page3.8K Followers
Instagram51.4K Followers
Twitter Account24 Followers
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Founders of GarmaGaurd

Founders of GarmaGaurd

Pete Badawy and his wife, Bianca Badawy, are the founders of GermaGuard. Bianca is a nurse. On the other hand, Pete is a police officer and a former soldier. Since they were front-line employees, they had a rule: you had to remove your work clothes before entering the house. It was done to safeguard their residents and themselves from dangerous bacteria and germs.

They looked all over the market but discovered nothing to make their old clothing sterile. Therefore, they found a business opportunity by resolving many individuals’ daily issues. By making the product organic and secure, they ensured that an increasing number of individuals could embrace it.

GarmaGuard Before Shark Tank

Pete, an Army Veteran Police Officer, and Bianca, a nurse, had to remove their uniforms and shoes when they got home from work. Neither of them liked the idea of introducing germs from their workplaces into their homes. There was no product that Pete and his wife could use to sanitize their uniforms. So, they made GarmaGuard.

Instead of using dangerous chemicals, they chose natural and healthful alternatives. The two decided on citric acid. It is an antibacterial and antiviral agent that aids in odor removal. The Badaways put GarmaGuard through a series of rigorous experiments to demonstrate its effectiveness in stopping COVID. 

After this success, Pete Badaway decided to go on the show “Shark Tank.”

Shark Tank Pitch of GarmaGuard

Shark Tank Pitch of GarmaGuard

During the first episode of Shark Tank Season 12, Bianca and Peter Badawy presented their company, GarmaGuard, to the sharks. They asked for a $100,000 investment in exchange for 10% of GarmaGuard.

Bianca and Peter explained to the Sharks that they consider GarmaGuard a homemade spray for cleaning your garments. They mentioned that everyone wants to be clean before cuddling their kids because they come home from work each day unclean. Bianca works as a nurse, while Peter is a police detective.

They told the sharks they wanted to be clean before cuddling their kids to explain the concept of the product. The product immediately piqued the sharks’ curiosity, and they enquired about its ability to remove COVID-19. Peter and Bianca were sure it would. But they said they could not claim as laboratory testing may take up to a year.

GarmaGuard has only been on the market for 18 months before Shark Tank. It has already made $476,000 in lifetime sales and is currently on course to make over $500,000 by the end of 2020. Also, they have a 20% profit margin on all transactions, and the product sells for $12.99 at retail while only costing $1.85 to produce.

The sharks liked the product. But they concluded that Bianca and Peter did not require a partner. They could continue to grow the company without them. As a result, GarmaGuard exited the show without a contract from any of the sharks.

GarmaGuard After Shark Tank

GarmaGuard left the Shark Tank stage without concluding a deal with any investors in 2022. But the company is still operating and doing well. Almost 250 reviews of the product with a five-star rating are available on the website. Customers have appreciated the efficiency of GarmaGuard spray in removing the unpleasant odor of smoking and athletic components.

According to the GarmaGuard Facebook page, the business works with UFC fighters to promote its products. Ange Loosa, a 28-year-old professional mixed martial artist, wrote his sponsor’s name on the back of his shirt while playing in April 2022.

GarmaGuard also collaborates with football cornerback Parry Nickerson of the Minnesota Vikings other than Sanford Mixed Martial Arts.

The company couldn’t verify that GarmaGuard’s solution is effective against COVID-19. Despite this, many individuals continue to buy the products. Walmart provides it for online purchases. But, the inventory is regularly depleted. HSN aired a live sales program in 2021 that included GarmaGuard. Customers can buy it singly or in bundles of up to twelve pieces on their website and the Amazon marketplace.

GarmaGuard Shark Tank Update

GarmaGuard wasn’t given a contract on Shark Tank. But the business continued to grow after the show gained publicity for it. Before being on Shark Tank, the annual sales were only $50,000. But they shot up to $100,000 after that.

GarmaGuard sold more than $250,000 due to the Shark Tank show’s broadcast. They ran into issues when they needed more money to sell to the various categories.

In addition to Amazon and the company’s website, GarmaGuard is now offered in actual stores. As the company’s sales grew, the entrepreneur changed his management style and started spending more on marketing and promotion. Shark also says they should add something to kill Covid, but they haven’t done so.

GarmaGuard was valued at $1 million when Pete made his pitch, and it remained that way until he left. Each bottle of GarmaGuard spray costs $12.99. Based on the number of items purchased, Amazon offers rather significant price reductions.

Is GarmaGuard Still In Business?

As of 2022, GarmaGuard is still in operation. Pete and Bianca continue to develop and grow their company. Although none of the Sharks chose to invest in the GarmaGuard, it still runs and generates between $500,000 and $800,000 in revenue each year.

The creators of GarmaGuard are passionate about their product and committed to helping people prevent contact with potentially harmful bacteria and germs.

Why is GarmaGuard So Popular?

GarmaGuard is portable and small, making it simple to carry with you, store in your car, or move around in your purse.

No matter the surface or item, one spray of GarmaGuard will help eliminate any unnecessary odors, grime, and bacteria. It can be sprayed on uniforms, dog beds, exercise equipment, car seats, clothing, shoes, bedding, towels, and couches.

With the help of this cleaner, you can keep any potentially harmful bacteria and germs you come into touch with during the day away from your home, protecting your family from harm.

Who are the Competitors of GarmaGaurd?

Here is the list of GermaGuard’s competitors:

  • Max Care HC
  • Smart BackBrace
  • Kinky Items
  • Fillmore Supply
  • Kalpana EverlyWell
  • Herbalife
  • Monster Pub Light Therapy Products

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